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A Soldier’s Tragedy: Aaron Bushnell Original Video

Have you seen the crazy “Aaron Bushnell Original Video” that went viral? It shows the last moments of a young American airman who set himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in D.C. in March 2024. The video is just a few minutes but it’s unforgettable. The video opens with 25-year-old Aaron Bushnell in military clothes, standing solemnly outside the embassy. He looks straight into the camera and firmly says he won’t be “complicit in genocide” against Palestinians anymore. Bushnell then slams the “ruling class” for normalizing the oppression he sees as genocide by Israeli forces.

A Soldier's Tragedy: Aaron Bushnell Original Video
A Soldier’s Tragedy: Aaron Bushnell Original Video

Who is Aaron Bushnell?

Aaron Bushnell was a 25-year-old airman who killed himself to protest U.S. policy on Palestine. One Sunday in March 2024, he went to the Israeli Embassy in D.C. wearing military clothes with a sweater.

In a video, Bushnell said he’s in the Air Force but won’t “be complicit in genocide” anymore. He slammed the “ruling class” for making the oppression of Palestinians seem normal. Then he poured flammable liquid on himself, put on a mask, and set himself on fire with a lighter.

Bushnell’s self-immolation was a shocking, desperate act driven by moral outrage. His Facebook showed he closely followed the Gaza conflict and admired Palestinian-American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. Bushnell was part of a younger generation of Americans more sympathetic to Palestinians than Israelis in the conflict.

Aaron Bushnell Original Video

In the “Aaron Bushnell Original Video”, Bushnell is standing outside the Israeli Embassy in D.C., wearing his Air Force uniform with a sweater. He looks really serious.

Bushnell speaks straight to the camera in a firm voice, “I’m in the Air Force, but I won’t be part of genocide anymore.” He slams the “ruling class” for making the oppression of Palestinians seem normal.

“This is what our rulers call normal – the genocide of Palestinians by Israeli forces,” Bushnell says intensely in the video. “But compared to what Palestinians have suffered from these settler colonialists, it’s not extreme at all.”

After that powerful statement, Bushnell puts down his phone to keep recording the “Aaron Bushnell Original Video”. Then he purposefully pours flammable liquid from a water bottle onto himself. His movements seem practiced.

Aaron Bushnell Original Video
Aaron Bushnell Original Video

Causes of Bushnell’s actions

There were likely several reasons behind Bushnell’s shocking self-immolation act. First, his social media showed he closely followed the situation in Gaza and supported Palestinian-American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. He seemed really outraged by the oppression and violence Palestinians face under Israeli occupation. Calling it “genocide” suggests he viewed Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as ethnic cleansing.

As a U.S. Air Force member, Aaron Bushnell Original Video, Bushnell may have felt complicit in enabling Israeli forces through American military aid. His statement about not being “complicit in genocide” anymore points to a moral conflict between his duties and beliefs. A growing sense of helplessness in changing unjust policies through proper channels could have made him desperate.

Bushnell’s dramatic protest aligns with other self-immolation acts throughout history by those feeling voiceless against oppressive regimes or injustices. The examples of Vietnamese monks and Tibetan activists were likely influential. His generation’s passion for social justice causes like Black Lives Matter may have further inspired such an extreme sacrifice. Please follow the website “” for more incidents.

Causes of Bushnell's actions
Causes of Bushnell’s actions
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