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Battlefront 3 Leaked Footage: Resurrecting A Shattered Dream

The name “Battlefront 3” still stings for Star Wars gamers. Recently, some Battlefront 3 leaked footage gameplay footage from an old 2008 Battlefront 3 build surfaced online! Fans have been picking apart these raw, unpolished clips, looking for hints of the ambitious game we missed out on.

There are seamless transitions from inside ships straight to massive planetary battlefields – no loading screens! You see intense urban warfare raging through Coruscant’s iconic skyline too, with starfighters dueling overhead.

The footage even hints at classic modes like “Conquest” making a comeback on worlds like Yavin 4. For fans craving that dream of one unified, boundary-pushing Star Wars battle experience across planets and space, this is as close as we’ll probably get.

Battlefront 3 Leaked Footage: Resurrecting A Shattered Dream
Battlefront 3 Leaked Footage: Resurrecting A Shattered Dream

Leaked footage of the canceled Battlefront 3 game has surfaced online! It’s from an old 2008 alpha build, but still gives us a look at what could have been.

The videos show some cool stuff that never made it into the final Battlefront games. You can go from inside a ship’s hangar straight to the surface of planets like Tatooine without any loading screens.

There are clips of massive battles over the city planet Coruscant too. Your starfighters have to take out enemy radio towers among the tall skyscrapers. The scale looks epic.

While the graphics are really dated by today’s standards, you can see Battlefront 3 was shaping up to be an ambitious game. Transitioning seamlessly from ground to space combat, and huge maps spanning multiple eras and locations.

The cancellation of Battlefront 3 was a huge bummer for Star Wars gamers. We were so hyped for this game to finally bring epic planetary and space battles together seamlessly.

It was supposed to be the true successor to the beloved Battlefront 2, which defined so many of our childhoods. Battlefront 3 leaked footage promised to take the franchise to the next level with its ambitious vision and cutting-edge tech.

The Phantom Menace: Battlefront 3's Untimely Demise
The Phantom Menace: Battlefront 3’s Untimely Demise

The Battlefront 3 leaked footage finally gave us a look at what could have been. Fans pored over every detail, searching for clues about the ambitious game we missed out on.

It starts on Tatooine, with heroes X1 and X2 on a mission. Next up is the urban chaos of Coruscant. Amidst the towering skyscrapers, starfighters battle to take out enemy radio towers. The scale of these city warfare scenes looks insane.

With each new scene, you can see just how incredibly ambitious Battlefront 3 was going to be. Seamlessly combining ground and space combat across these massive battlefields from multiple eras. It really pushed boundaries.

But then the sad reality hits this epic game never actually happened. The footage is just a tease of what could have been. It’s bittersweet, making the cancellation of Battlefront 3 sting even more.

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