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Blippi Harlem Shake Video Original

Blippi has become a beloved figure in the world of children’s entertainment on YouTube. The character, portrayed by Stevin John, is known for his energetic and educational videos that explore various topics like vehicles, animals, and everyday places in a fun, engaging way.

This Blippi Harlem Shake Video Original is wild! It starts with this dude Steezy Grossman (Blippi’s old name) chillin’ on the toilet. He’s fully dressed, rocking shades and a bike helmet, just vibing to the “Harlem Shake” song.

Blippi Harlem Shake Video Original
Blippi Harlem Shake Video Original

Then boom! The beat drops and dude strips down, butt naked except for the helmet and shades. His homie is on the floor too, naked af with just goggles and a swim cap on. They got his junk censored with a black bar covering everything down there.

So these two are just going ham, dancing around the bathroom in their birthday suits. But then, shit gets real – literally! Steezy just lets it rip, explosively shitting everywhere! On the walls, the shower door, the floor, even blasting his boy’s bare ass!

Steezy’s dying laughing while they keep raging, until you hear his friend puking. But the dude still tries to shake his legs and dance through it! Nasty but also kinda hilarious in that crude, immature way, you know?

Blippi’s family fan base was straight up disgusted and pissed! Parents felt straight up betrayed by this dude, worried about their little kids seeing any link to something so crude and messed up. Those nasty bathroom scenes were like the total opposite of Blippi’s whole clean, educational kid-friendly vibe.


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♬ original sound – st21altber

People were calling to just cancel Blippi’s whole channel and merch line over this resurfaced Blippi Harlem Shake Video Original. Some were saying he’s a terrible role model, a bad influence on impressionable kids. Others were scared their children could easily find and watch the disturbing footage online.

There were major concerns about whether the Blippi brand could even survive and stay legit if this is the type of material the guy behind it was making in the past. Parents were questioning if they could ever really feel good about Blippi knowing the man had such a shocking dirty history.

He put out a statement apologizing for that controversial shit from his “Steezy Grossman” shock-comedy days before Blippi.

He was like, “Yeah, I made that satirical Harlem Shake parody video when I was in my early 20s, way before I started Blippi and making content for kids that’s actually fun and educational.”

Blippi Harlem Shake Video Original
Blippi Harlem Shake Video Original

John admitted there’s a huge difference between that shocking Blippi Harlem Shake Video Original and his current family-friendly work, saying he’s “evolved” and “grown” from his days as a provocative amateur filmmaker.

He said he “deeply regrets” any offensive stuff he made over a decade ago when he was trying to do shock-comedy videos. His lawyers even sent cease-and-desists to get that poop video taken down, since it totally goes against Blippi’s whole brand now. Please follow the website “” for more incidents.

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