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Bob Unfall Altenberg Video: A Harrowing Reminder of Bobsleigh Risks

The “Bob Unfall Altenberg Video” shocked the bobsleigh world. The scary viral video showed a terrible accident during World Cup training at the dangerous Altenberg track in Saxony. In seconds, elite athletes’ dreams and safety were destroyed, leaving viewers horrified. The incident exposed how vulnerable the sport is, where split-second mistakes or freak accidents can be devastating. Suddenly, the world’s eyes were on the notoriously dangerous Altenberg track with its history of severe crashes.

Bob Unfall Altenberg Video: A Harrowing Reminder Of Bobsleigh Risks
Bob Unfall Altenberg Video: A Harrowing Reminder Of Bobsleigh Risks

In mid-Feb, a bad accident happened at the Altenberg bobsleigh track during World Cup training, which was captured in the viral “Bob Unfall Altenberg Video”. Swiss pilot Michael Vogt (26) crashed and passed out on the track.

After Vogt’s sled stopped, Sandro Michel (27) in the next four-man bobsleigh couldn’t avoid crashing into it, as seen in the shocking footage. Michel’s half-ton sled rammed Vogt’s and threw Michel and his crew out violently.

Michel got really hurt bad. He had torn muscles, cuts on his side, a dislocated hip showing the femur bone, broken ribs, and internal bleeding in his lungs. He lost around 15 kg by the time he got to the hospital.

Earlier that day, German pilot Johannes Lochner (33) also crashed at a similar curve, raising safety concerns that were tragically highlighted in the “Bob Unfall Altenberg Video”, but no extra precautions were taken before the next crashes.

After the bad crash captured in the viral “Bob Unfall Altenberg Video”, Swiss bobsledder Sandro Michel accused the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) and track operators of not having enough safety measures. Michel got life-threatening injuries but didn’t hear anything from IBSF about his well-being.

The Swiss Sliding Federation agreed with Michel and demanded IBSF make a safety committee and safety delegate in light of the shocking footage. Their president Sepp Kubli suggested former world-class pilot Christian Reich as the safety delegate because of his expertise in preventing incidents like those seen in “Bob Unfall Altenberg Video”.

Pilot Michael Vogt, who got a bad concussion in the crash vividly depicted in the video, also thought the accident could’ve been prevented by track operators. In an interview, Vogt said he was surprised the issue of sleds sliding back, as clearly shown in “Bob Unfall Altenberg Video”, happened before at Altenberg but wasn’t fixed.

Bob Unfall Altenberg Video
Bob Unfall Altenberg Video

The company running the Altenberg track, Wintersport Altenberg GmbH, said they need to take action on safety issues right away. They plan to discuss safety more with the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF).

They will also investigate what caused the accident. The track operators want to look at things like athlete training, track width for better steering, and systems to keep crew from getting thrown out of sleds.

The dangerous Altenberg track has seen many severe crashes over the years. So after this latest incident, the operators said they are committed to finding and using measures to improve athlete safety.

The track operators stressed working together with international bodies and athletes is important to consider all perspectives and make the high-risk sport safer. Please follow the website “” for more incidents.

Bob Unfall Altenberg Video
Bob Unfall Altenberg Video
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