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Watch Bridge Collapse Footage Video

A bad thing happened in Baltimore. The Francis Scott Key Bridge broke down and fell into the river. It was really early on a Tuesday morning when this happened.

A big ship named the Dali hit the bridge. The Dali is a container ship from Singapore. You can see it coming towards the bridge in a video. The Bridge Collapse Footage Video shows the ship crashing right into one of the bridge’s support columns. After the crash, the whole bridge just collapsed into the Patapsco River below.

The video is crazy to watch. You see the strong bridge just crumbling apart and falling down after the ship hits it. After the bridge is down, it’s quiet except for police and ambulance sounds as they look for survivors in the water.

The Bridge Collapse Footage Video raises a lot of questions about what exactly went wrong and why the ship hit the bridge. By studying the video closely, maybe we can figure out the causes behind this tragic bridge collapse incident. Examining every detail in the footage could give important answers about keeping bridges and ships operating safely.

Watch Bridge Collapse Footage Video
Watch Bridge Collapse Footage Video

The Bridge Collapse Footage Video shows the big ship Dali moving towards the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The ship just keeps going straight ahead even though the bridge is right there. You can see the ship’s front getting closer and closer to hitting the bridge supports.

Then, the crazy moment happens – the ship crashes right into one of the bridge’s main support columns! The impact is massive, shaking the entire bridge structure. Within just a few seconds, the whole bridge starts twisting and falling apart.

The Bridge Collapse Footage Video slows down to capture the bridge actually collapsing down into the river below. You see the broken pieces and twisted metal from the bridge falling everywhere into the water. Part of the bridge wreckage even lands on top of the front of the ship.

After the collapse, it’s clear there were construction workers on the bridge when it fell. The fire department says they are searching the river for any survivors from the crew working on the bridge.

Officials later announce that six workers are still missing after the disaster. However, two workers did survive – one got off the bridge in time, and another fell in but was able to swim to shore. It’s an unbelievable scene captured on video.

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