Connor sinann fight on Bluesbou45 Twitter

The Connor Sinann and Mario fight drama on Bluesbou45 Twitter is like, a big deal right now. It’s got everyone talking about these two fitness influencers who are beefing with each other.

So, Connor Sinann is this guy who posts a lot of bodybuilding stuff on his account. He’s pretty athletic and has a lot of followers. And then there’s Mario, who gives fitness advice but it’s kind of controversial sometimes. He also has a BSc degree, which is important I guess.

Anyway, the whole thing started when Connor called out Mario’s fitness advice. He was like, “Hey, what’s the point of your degree if experienced gym people can give the same tips?” Shots fired!

Mario wasn’t happy about that. He clapped back and challenged Connor to a kickboxing match to settle the score. But Connor was like, “Nah, let’s do MMA instead.”

People on Twitter are going crazy over this. Some are picking sides, saying Mario is a chicken for not wanting to do MMA. Others think kickboxing is a fair middle ground.

Connor sinann fight on Bluesbou45 Twitter
Connor sinann fight on Bluesbou45 Twitter

It’s kind of like when KSI and Logan Paul had their big fight. Or Jake Paul and AnEsonGib. Everyone’s wondering if Connor and Mario will actually step into the ring.

This whole thing raises some questions about influencers in the fitness world. Like, is it okay to start drama just to get more followers? And don’t these influencers have a responsibility to give good advice?

Who knows how it’ll all turn out? Will they fight? Will they make up? Will someone else call them out? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next in this crazy Bluesbou45 Twitter saga.

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