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Unraveled Gogo Maweni Trending Video On TikTok

Unraveled Gogo Maweni Trending Video On TikTok

Gogo Maweni’s been spilling all the tea lately! First off, she shut down those rumors about putting a curse on that actor dude from “The Queen.” Gogo straight up admitted she hit up her ancestors, but just to chat, you know?

Then she came for SABC 1 hard! Gogo claims they jacked her idea for a spiritual reality show called “The Journey with Dr. Maweni.” She says their show “Roxic” is basically a rip-off of her concept to help folks embrace their callings.

Unraveled Gogo Maweni Trending Video On TikTok
Unraveled Gogo Maweni Trending Video On TikTok

Look at Gogo Maweni Trending Video On TikTok is wild! She’s cuddling up with a massive snake on her bed. Crazy, right? Some peeps are freaking out, others think it’s cool she’s embracing her traditions. Either way, it blew up fast. Gogo’s name was trending like crazy.

People are debating if flaunting stuff like that online is okay or not. Love it or hate it, the vid got everyone talking. Gogo’s definitely a controversial figure now.

Gogo Maweni just keeps getting crazier with her animal antics! After that snake video went viral, homegirl decided to up the weird factor by showing off a massive owl chillin’ in her crib.

The clip of this huge bird just staring down the camera before spreading its wings was straight-up creepy. No surprise it freaked people out online. Owls have that spooky, mystical vibe, you know?


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Some folks were in awe of Gogo keeping such a majestic creature. But others thought she was nuts for having a legit bird of prey as a pet. The comments were a total mess of people either praising or dragging her.

But you can’t deny, Gogo doesn’t give a damn about societal norms. She’s all about repping her spiritual side, snakes, owls and all. Shocking? Sure. But that’s just Gogo being Gogo – an eccentric enigma who lives to keep us guessing. For updates on this story, stay tuned

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