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Okay, so like, there’s this video that people think exists called “LOL Superman” and it’s supposed to be super messed up footage from 9/11. The story goes that some dude was filming right underneath the Twin Towers when they were on fire and people were jumping out. And get this – the camera was like, right there close enough to see their faces as they hit the ground and exploded right in front of the guy filming! Crazy, right?

But here’s the thing, no one has actually seen this video. It’s like an urban legend or something in the “9/11 truth” community. These people have been searching high and low on the internet, looking everywhere trying to find a copy of it, but they just can’t. Every time they think they’re onto something, it ends up being a dead end or a fake.

The name “LOL Superman” is because apparently when this video first surfaced online, whoever posted it gave it that messed up name, like making a sick joke about the people falling from the towers. People think it showed up sometime in the late 2000s on YouTube or Vimex or whatever, but then it got taken down as those sites started cracking down on graphic stuff related to 9/11.

lol Superman Video Gore
lol Superman Video Gore

There are all these theories about where it came from too. Maybe it was originally part of a longer video that a cameraman shot that day and they just cut out that part. Or maybe it was posted by extremist groups for recruitment, since some people claim they heard jihadi music playing in the background.

Even that famous director Werner Herzog has hinted that he knows about the existence of this video. And researchers have tried contacting all kinds of archives and agencies under freedom of information laws, but they either say they don’t have it or can’t release it because it’s tied to an ongoing FBI investigation into 9/11.

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