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This bus from South African Bus Crash Wiki was headed to an Easter church service in Moria, South Africa, carrying around 46 people from a Catholic church. They were driving through the Kloof Pass, this winding mountain road with sharp turns.

Apparently, the driver missed the turn to take the smoother N11 highway instead. In a crazy turn of events, the bus went off the Mma Matlakala Bridge and plunged around 160 feet down into a ravine. On impact, the bus burst into flames on the rocky surface below the bridge.

The South African transport officials said the driver lost control, causing the bus to hit the barrier and go over the edge. Rescue teams also mentioned the bus was towing a trailer, adding extra weight. To make matters worse, many passengers had gas cylinders for cooking that fueled the fire even more.

Those trapped inside didn’t stand a chance against the blaze before rescuers could reach them. It was a total nightmare scene with bodies everywhere and the wreckage blocking access for rescue ops that dragged on late into the night.

Just a routine church trip turned into utter devastation in an instant. Missing that one turn onto the highway ended up costing so many lives in the most horrific way possible.

south african bus crash wiki
south african bus crash wiki

Casualties: Number of people killed and injuries

This crash was just absolutely devastating. Out of the around 46 people on the bus, 45 died – 31 women and 15 men. The only survivor was an 8-year-old girl who was hospitalized in critical condition at first. Thankfully, she became stable later with just some cuts and bruises on her arms, legs, head and back. Both the driver and passengers were all from Botswana.

Identifying and retrieving the bodies was a total nightmare because of how bad the fire was. Some bodies were burnt beyond recognition, while others were just scattered all over and hard to access through the debris. One woman actually died after being airlifted from the site. As of March 29th, they had recovered 34 bodies but only 9 could be identified.

The intense flames just left a path of destruction, making it extremely difficult for emergency crews to identify victims and recover remains. So many were burnt beyond recognition that grieving families couldn’t even ID their loved ones right away. The rescue teams worked around the clock, digging through the wreckage bit-by-bit, doing everything they could to account for every single life lost in this horrific tragedy.

It was just an unimaginable, nightmarish scene all around. One routine church trip becoming the cause of such utter devastation and loss of life. An absolute tragedy through and through.

Casualties: Number of people killed and injuries
Casualties: Number of people killed and injuries

Reaction of leaders of South Africa and Botswana to the incident

Leadership Reactions and Grieving

This bus crash was an absolute disaster that hit the leaders of South Africa and Botswana hard. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa sent his deepest condolences to Botswana’s President Mokgweetsi Masisi and promised support during this tough time.

The South African Transport Minister, Sindisiwe Chikunga, visited the crash site urging drivers to be extra careful over the Easter weekend. She offered her thoughts and prayers to the victims’ families too. She said the government would help repatriate the bodies to Botswana and fully investigate what caused the accident.

Botswana’s Foreign Minister, Lemogang Kwape, straight up called it a disaster and revealed he got a call from his South African counterpart with updates on the situation.

Both nations were just overwhelmed with grief and solidarity after this tragedy. Religious leaders, community members, everyone was offering their condolences and prayers for the souls lost and the grieving families. Losing so many lives in such a devastating way really struck a chord and was a harsh reminder of how fragile life is and how important it is to cherish every moment.

The reactions from top leaders showed just how impactful and saddening this bus crash was for both countries. Such an incomprehensible loss of life that left many in mourning and searching for answers amid the rubble. Please follow the website for more information!

Reaction of leaders of South Africa and Botswana to the incident
Reaction of leaders of South Africa and Botswana to the incident
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