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Warning The Northeast Cartel Executed A Rival Livegore

Scary masked men in vests grabbed a guy in a white shirt. The shirt had “La Línea” on it, a criminal group. The men’s masks looked like skulls.

The guy was blindfolded. The armed men surrounded him and pointed guns at him. A cardboard sign near him said the area belonged to the CDN cartel. It threatened La Línea with warning The Northeast cartel executed a rival livegore.

The men left a narco-message. It challenged the Jalisco, Sinaloa, and Gulf cartels. It warned that anyone infiltrating their group would end up like the executed Livegore rival. The message made it clear the Northeast Cartel won’t let anyone get in their way of controlling the area. Anyone who tries will be brutally killed like Livegore.

Warning The Northeast Cartel Executed A Rival Livegore
Warning The Northeast Cartel Executed A Rival Livegore

After executing their rival Livegore, the cartel sent warning the Northeast cartel executed a rival Livegore. They threatened smugglers working with rival gangs in a narco-message, saying “This is going to happen to the polleros pulling with CDG, Sinaloas and rodos” like Livegore. They also left human body parts in a cooler as a brutal warning after the Livegore execution.

Authorities arrested Héctor Raúl Luna Luna, nicknamed “El Tory,” after the warning the Northeast cartel executed a rival livegore incident. He led the cartel’s armed wing La Tropa del Infierno. El Tory was caught in Cholula, Puebla. He is blamed for violence in Nuevo León and the Livegore killing warned about. He may have also attacked the U.S. consulate in 2008.

The Mexican Navy confirmed El Tory’s arrest as a win against organized crime following the “Northeast Cartel Executed A Rival, Livegore” warning. It followed cooperation between them and Puebla police. El Tory faces charges related to the Livegore case. He is in preventive detention. Officials called him “a generator of violence” like the Livegore execution warning showed.

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